Merchants and the Roam NOWM Scavenger Hunt

Merchant wares - ceramic jars
Merchant wares - glass beads
Merchant wares - belt straps
Merchant wares - ceramics
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Merchant Coordinator: Lord Llywelyn Glyndwr

List of Merchants

Roam NOWM Scavenger Hunt

Merchant Rewards Program

If you are a merchant visiting this page, you will also want to consult the "real" Merchants' page.



List of Merchants

Here are the merchants of NOWM XV.

Most of our merchants are artisans, of course, but those so designated are also participating as an official extension of Artisans Row

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Alan deClerque (A. Clark Photography) - Portraits by "NOWM Staff Photographer (many of his photos grace this website) Allen Clark. He will be set up in the pavilion from approximately 8-10pm Saturday night. $5 for a print delivered onsite. More/larger prints also available and special photo shoots negotiable. Click here for contact information.

Barbara Hoffman - Inkle bands, trim, and belts; hand-woven (in cotton and wool) fabrics, rugs and hoods.

Caitlin's Cloaks - Ladies' and men's garb. Cloaks, dresses, chemises, skirts, tunics, pants, vests, hoods, Middle Eastern wear, straw hats, fans, and sundry table items. Proprietor: Caitlin Morand (email)

Celtic Wolf - Fine knives, including Damascus blades; medallions, jewelry and other finely crafted articles. Proprietor: Master Patrick Connor O'Donnel McPhelan

Dragon Skin Leather Works - Men's and ladies garb, leather belts and accessories, jewelry, candy, music, artifacts, tapestries, and "stuff".

Field of Honor Armor - Chain maile armor, waxed leather brigandine armor, heavy duty belt pouches, waxed leather water bottles, suede shoulder sacks, and assorted other leather items. Proprietor: Thurkill L'Armeurier

Goode Cookys - Period cakes & cookies in a variety of designs & flavors. Proprietors: Master Huon Damebrigge (email) and Lord Cydifer ap Manogan

Gwen Erin Natural Fibers - Hand-dyed spinning fiber & handspun yarn. Proprietor: Genevieve de Saint-Malo (email)

Hearthstead Lost Arts - Handspun yarn and thread as well as finished knit and woven goods; Home made, handcrafted soaps using only natural ingredients and herbs; Sandcast candles; Lessons and Demonstrations; Spinning Wheel Repair and Restoration. Hearthstead is an "Artisans Row extension" participant. See that page for more information. Proprietor: Rowan Spiritwalker (email)

Holly Leaf Handcrafts - Jewelry and jute belts at reasonable prices! Proprietor: Ellen of Reading (email)

MacTalis Ironworks and Dragon's Head Forge - Hand forged period and non-period blacksmithing and forge goods. The Ironworks and Forge will be located adjacent to Artisans Row and members of the populace are invited to observe and even try their hands at making simple items with guidance. Proprietors: Saoirse MacTalis (email) and Satyr

The Mad Hatter - Hats and headwear for both men and women for most of the SCA time periods. Period table games, including Chess, Tables (backgammon), and Wari (mancala) as well as some other more modern games. Sets of matched feastware for one or two people.  Each basket includes a plate, bowl, drinking vessel, fork, knife, spoon, placemat, napkins, candleholder and candles. Proprietor: Arwenna of Kelsley, O.P (email)

Magic Carpet Kavehane - It's a bardic venue! It's a merchant! It's both! Coffee, teas, jalabs, sweets - all for the price of a song, a tale, a tune, or a dance.

Mich Arts - Pottery and woodworking. Proprietor: Angélique de LaRochelle (email)

Munitions Grade Arms - In business since 2003, our mission is to provide the best rattan and other products for the SCA fighting community. Proprietor: Master Erik

Pillaged Village - Trim, Trimmings, Buttons, Shoes, Daggers, Knives, Books, Gifts, Jewelry, Middle Eastern Jewelry, Feastgear, Toys, Bells, T-Shirts, Baskets and Misc.. Proprietor: Cormacc

Soularé Soaps - Homemade soaps and other handmade bath items; hand-painted "reincarnations" of antique items. Proprietors : Katie Giallanza (email) and Doreen Woods

The Tatted Corner - Fabric and crafts: wool, silk,and cotton fabrics, yarn, beads, notions, consignment items, patterns, pottery, jewelry, and more. Proprietor: Alicia Smith

The Thistled Lion - Rapiers and rapier equipment. Proprietor: Matheus MacTavish (email)

Viking Archery Supply - Archery Supplies - Bows, Bowstrings, Arrows, Armguards, Gloves, Quivers and more. Proprietor: Rask Ulfbjorn (Daryl Merrill)

Wandering Wood - Carved and decorated wooden items with a medieval theme. Proprietor: Baron Richard Ealdwulf (email)

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Roam NOWM is a scavenger hunt: Visit each merchant and get the merchant to answer a question to which only he/she knows the answer. The merchant must also mark your entry form. When you've completed your form, drop it off at the Magic Carpet Kavehane. Winners will be drawn from all completed entries.

Entry forms will be available at Troll and at the Kavehane on the Village Green. (Many merchants will have them as well.)

Prizes are donated by the merchants and will be on display (as available) near the Kavehane.

The drawing will be done at the Kavehane after court on Saturday, and winners will be posted there. Prizes can be picked up Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Prizes not claimed within a week will be recycled.

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Merchant Rewards Program

Merchants reward their loyal customers - now it's time to turn the tables.

Did one merchant really go out of his/her way for you? Did one display wares of incomparable quality? Did one really satisfy your need for a bargain?

Visit the Kavehane to vote for the merchant who really made your (shopping) day! The site fees for two winning merchants - one small and one large - will be refunded.

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