A Duck at NOWM 14

photo credit: Allen

Youth Activities

Youth Coordinator: Lady Esther Seixas
Deputy: Mallye Hallidaye

Youth A&S Activities

Saturday, 1:30-4pm Youth A&S activities such as games, scavenger hunts and projects will be conducted in the permanent pavilion on the Village Green, afternoon on Saturday.


Active Games


Puppet Making


Clay Coins


Artisans Row Scavenger Hunt




Youth Martial Activities

Youth Combat: sparring, training, melees and the infamous Duck-on-Head (DOH!) Tournament. Saturday 10am-3:30pm, with a break for lunch.

Youth Rapier: instruction and tourneys during the afternoon, Saturday.

Archery: A portion of the NOWM archery range is always set aside for young people and informal instruction, and loaner gear is available. In addition, there will be an Archery 101 class from 10am to 11:30am Saturday (for youth and adults).

Martial activities will take place on the appropriate list/range on the Battlefield. Watch the Martial page sections linked-to above for details.

Please Note

Minors (under age eighteen) must be under adult supervision, and wear the wristband issued by the Gatekeepers. Removal of the wristband is cause for the child and their family to be ejected from site.