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The Shire of Falcon's Quarry


Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XV

Oh, what a beautiful weekend!

NOWM XV was a great success in spite of threatening weather and a baby raccoon! We hope you had a good time.

Lost and Found items have been posted here.

This Is Your Call To Action!

Slideshow of combat, A&S, entertainment, etc
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Shine up that armor!

Break out that canvas!

Dust off your Bocce balls!

Brush off the mildew
of a wearying winter
and a soggy spring!

The Midrealm Is Going To War!

NOWM once again returns to

Ukrainian American Youth Association Resort

47890 Bursley Rd.
Wellington, OH 44090

Construction DE-alert! The construction on routes from the north has been completed ahead of schedule! No detours! See the Directions page for details.

Site open to the populace:
Friday, June 10, 3pm through Sunday, June 12, 3pm

Activities - Friday:

  • Heavy Torchlight Holmgang Tourney, sponsored by Their Royal Highnesses EikBrandr and Runa
  • Rapier Torchlight Tourney
  • Archery Torchlight Shoot
  • Classes
  • Bardic Gleemarket and Concert
  • Brewers Roundtable
  • The NOWM Swimmin' Beach
  • The Kiev Pierogi Hut will be open Friday night

Activities - Saturday:

  • Heavy Combat, Siege Weapons, Combat Archery: tourneys and melees
  • Rapier Combat: tourneys and melees
  • Archery: tourneys and open range
  • Thrown Weapons: tourneys and open range
  • Hound Coursing
  • The NOWM Cookie War: War in Full Flour!
  • Classes (A&S)! Classes (Martial)! Classes (Performing Arts)!
  • Artisans Row
  • Youth: A&S activities, and Youth Combat, Rapier and Archery
  • Portrait photos by Alan deClerque
  • Her Excellency's Excellent Bowles Tournament
  • Performing Arts all day and night: the Kavehane, evening concerts, bardic competition, and bardic gleemarkets
  • Merchants galore and the Roam NOWM Scavenger Hunt
  • The NOWM Swimmin' Beach
  • The Kiev Pierogi Hut and the Breakfast Tavern

... and, of course, the Knotty Dragon Tavern and the Hafla!


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