Slideshow of A&S activities: spinning, egg-dying, etc
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Artisans Row

Coordinator: Lady Elizabethe Alles

Chief Alchemist and Transmuter of The Elements: Gladius The Alchemist


List of Artisans Row Participants


Artisans Row will be open from 10am to 4pm on Saturday. It will be located on the main road, across the street from the permanent pavilion, as part of the extended Village Green area. Some merchants (see below) will participating as well: they will be located on the pavilion side of the street.

From the Coordinator:

Greetings, fellow artisans!

Do you enjoy demonstrating and teaching the techniques and skills of your particular art hands-on?  Do you like meeting and working with other artisans? 

We invite you to join us on Artisans’ Row, where we will have a series of workshop areas set up so that artisans can demonstrate, share, and teach their arts.  We already have a "Fun with Fire" session planned which will include glass-making from raw elements.  Please contact me with questions or to reserve your workshop space.  Questions specifically relating to the "Fun with Fire" session can be directed to Gladius the Alchemist.  We hope to see you there!


The Artisans

Fun With Fire - Glassmaking and Other Fire-work

Gladius, Chief Alchemist and Transmuter of The Elements, will lead a hands-on (gloves recommended) demonstration of creating glass from raw elements and other fire-related skills with medieval technology. (Bring safety glasses, too.)

Contact Gladius to arrange for use of the fire for other purposes!





Fiber Arts

Ruff-making and starching

Lampworking (glass beadmaking)



The Merchant-Artisans

Most of our merchants are also artisans, of course. Two will be an official extension of Artisans Row, though:

Hearthstead Lost Arts - Rowan will hold a class on fiber arts, and will be available through the day to discuss and demonstrate handspinning, weaving, and soap and candlemaking. In addition, she will be offering:

Spinning Wheel Service Clinic - Rowan will be available to look at, service, do or explain a needed repair and get your spinning wheel in shape for use.  It doesn't matter if it is a new wheel, an old wheel, or something you inherited from someone in the family - if you have questions about it, bring it for an evaluation.

MacTalis Ironworks and Dragon's Head Forge - Saoirse MacTalis (email) and Satyr will demonstrate forging and smithing, and members of the populace are invited to observe and even try their hands at making simple items with guidance.