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Lost and Found

Here's a list of items found during teardown. The ones we know for certain have been claimed are struck through.

  • Small wicker basket, 10 by 8, containing two plastic duckies and three mesh pink drawstring bags.
  • Two aluminum, 6x9 loaf pans, with cake crumbs inside
  • Small black camera case, empty, “Case Logic,” two side pockets
  • Tan/cream women’s straw floppy sunhat
  • 10-inch narrow leather strap with hole in one end
  • Yellow, white and black polka dot plastic zip makeup case, containing washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Black sunglasses
  • Strathmore parchment tablet, 50 sheets, 8 ½ by 11, with practice calligraphy inside
  • Bloomer-style black pants, cotton, elastic waistband and ankles, size XL-XXL
  • Two long fighting spears
  • Coleman lunch-sized cooler, “Matt Swanson,” containing salad, fruit, plastic serving spoon and towel inside.
  • Maroon bath towel


Site Rules

Please read and comply with these rules:

Any areas marked with yellow "Caution" tape are off limits.

All cars must be parked appropriately after unloading. The speed limit within the site is five miles per hour.

Children (all attendees under 18) must be under adult supervision, and wear the wristband issued by the Gatekeepers. Removal of the wristband is cause for the child and their family to be ejected from site.

Pets are permitted if leashed and under adult supervision. Pet owners MUST clean up after their pets. Failure to do so, or failure to leash and supervise pets, will be cause for ejection from the site.

Camping: Please keep tents as close together as possible, while allowing three feet of separation between walls, and keep common spaces to a reasonable size. The autocrats will ask for tents to be moved to comply with these rules if necessary.

Fire Safety: Fires are permitted in fire pits or fire-rings and must be ten feet from any tents; torches should be kept their length plus one foot from any flammables; and fire extinguishers and water buckets should be available and near any sources of fire. Fire pits must be filled and re-sodded before departure.

See below for information on transporting firewood.

Swimming is permitted only from the beach and within the marked crib. Diving from the dock area is forbidden. Swimming is at your own risk, and no lifeguard is available.

Noise should be moderated after 10:00PM, and quiet hours will be observed in the camping areas from 1:00AM-7:00AM.

The site is wet; however, all mundane laws relating to the consumption of alcohol apply: the legal drinking age in Ohio is twenty-one.

Please ensure that all trash is placed in the appropriate containers, and please be particularly careful that no cans or bottles are left on the beach.

Failure to comply with any site rule may be a cause for ejection from the event without refund. In all disputes the decision of the Autocrat(s) is final.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ...

... the event site? See the Directions page.

... something or other on the site? Well, here's a map, for starters.

... the group I'm camping with? Troll will have a site map which campmasters can mark up.

... Information Point? At Troll

... Autocrat's Point? At the north end of the staff camping area, to your left as you enter the site.

... Gold Key? Inquire at Troll, or (in advance of the event) with Cleftlands Baronial Gold Key.

... Chiurgeon's Point? Between the Battlefield and Troll, as you enter the site.

... lost and found? General lost and found is located at Troll; after Troll closes on Saturday items will be moved to Autocrat's Point. Battlefield lost and found will be located near the Pierogi Hut until it closes on Saturday; afterwards items will be moved to Autocrat's Point.

... Youth Point? At the permanent pavilion, to your right as you enter the site. Youth Coordinator

... the Scribe room? In the Dining Hall

... Artisans Row? Along the main road, near the Village Square.

What's the road construction situation?

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has closed OH 58 just north of Wellington until June 11, 2011 - right in the middle of our event. ODOT has a reasonably good record of completing projects ahead of schedule, so it's possible this will be a non-issue. See the Directions page for details and alternate routes.

Do I have to dress funny for this event?

The only requirement for attending an SCA event is an attempt at clothing (which we call "garb") from before 1600. You may even have something in your closet which would be suitable, but check out our Newcomers' Page (external link) for more information.

Need to arrange to borrow garb? Please contact Gold Key (loaner of garb) to arrange for garb in advance. Gold Key will also be present at Troll.

What's the parking situation?

No parking at campsites or along roads (unless directed by the Ostler). Parking is "around the bend, past the last of the campsites". A deputy ostler will be there to assist you.

*If* the farmer across the street has managed to reap his hay crop, we will be able to open the field near the lists for parking.

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What onsite amenities are there?

The site has a limited number of cabins, reserved for Royalty and others with special needs.

There will be a populace area in the permanent pavilion (near the front gate). Please be aware that the pavilion will be in use for other event activities.

Food is available for purchase from a Breakfast Tavern and the Kiev Pierogi Hut.

Please note: The kitchen sink is not available to the populace for washing dinnerware or cooking items, nor should the sinks in the bathouses be used for this purpose. Both the Tavern and the Hut will have ample supplies of disposable dinnerware, so feast gear is not necessary at these locations.

The bath-house has multiple showers, toilet stalls and sinks, male and female made he them. They are somewhat rustic. It's a camp.

Off Site Amenities/Emergencies

For all locations in Wellington proper, turn left onto Bursley Road when leaving the site, go 1.75 miles to OH 58, turn left, and go about 5 miles.

Local Emergency Services

911, of course

Wellington Police: 440-647-2244

Wellington Fire Department: 440-647-2245

South Lorain County Ambulance: 440-647-5803

Allen Community Hospital
200 West Lorain Street (OH 511), Oberlin, OH
(about 9 miles north of downtown Wellington on OH 58, turn left on Lorain St.)

Drug Stores

Rite Aid
267 N Main St (OH 58), Wellington, OH
(just north of downtown Wellington)

Discount Drug Mart
814 N Main St (OH 58), Wellington, OH
(a bit further north of downtown Wellington)

Kwik-E-Marts, Gas Stations

There are mutliple gas stations with convenience stores along OH 58, particularly bewteen Wellington and Bursley Road (left, as you leave the site).

Big Box

Wal-Mart Supercenter
46440 US 20, Oberlin, OH
(about 7 miles north of downtown Wellington)

Grocery Stores

Brumfield's Village Market
816 N Main St (OH 58), Wellington, OH
(north of downtown Wellington)
(440) 647-2169

Geyers Fresh Foods
209 E Herrick Ave (OH 18), Wellington, OH
(east of downtown Wellington)
(440) 647-2621


There are several restaurants in Wellington, within 15 minutes of the site. You will find fast food restaurants along OH 58 north and south of town, and sit-down restaurants in the center of town.

What's Up with Fires and Firewood?

Since all Ohio counties are under firewood transportation restrictions due to the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer, it is legal to move firewood between counties within Ohio. Therefore, it is legal to pick up firewood anywhere within Ohio and bring it to the site. It is illegal, however, to move firewood INTO or OUT OF all adjacent states, even if you're travelling to an infested area. Go figure. See the Emerald Ash Borer information page (external link).

That said, it's not usually necessary to bring in firewood. Availability at this site is usually good, but varies from year to year. There are multiple nearby locations (up and down OH 58) to run out and get firewood if there is not a sufficient supply on site.

There are many firepits and fire-rings around the site, but you may want to bring a portable firepit.

Contact the Autocrats for further information.

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Special Needs

People with disabilities may contact the Autocrats for further information.

The site is a semi-rustic camp. Wheelchair access is difficult (but we've seen it done!)

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Photo Credits


The photo (modified) in the header is by Alan deClerque (Allen Clark).

Slideshow and ribbon photos

See "Others", below, for more information (if available) on the photographers in these collections.

Home page: by Allen, except the spinning wheel, which is by Milica.

Activities page (in order): by Julie, Milica, Milica, Clara, Allen.

Artisans' Row page: by Milica, except for dyed cloths, which is by Clara.

Classes page (in order): by Clara, Clara, Allen, Clara, Llew, Robin.

Martial page (in order): Allen, Allen, Llew, Etan, Milica, Allen, Allen, Clara, Megan, Allen.

Merchant (Roam NOWM) page: by Milica, except the toy store, which is by Llew.

Performing Arts page:

Top of page (in order): by Milica, Allen, Clara, Llew, Milica, Llew.

Knotty Dragon (clockwise from top left): Aaron, Tarmach, Robin, Valencia.

Buskers (in order): Ryan, Milica, Allen, Clara, Allen.


AarVal: Aaron faheud Swiftrunner and/or Valencia de Clariana - or someone using their camera.

Allen: Alan deClerque (Allen Clark). Many of the photos on this site are by Alan, a professional photographer (and friend of the SCA) who has generously made them available for our publication here. He will be onsite, taking official photographs, will set up in the pavilion on Saturday night to take portrait photos ($5 per print), and is available for special photo shoots. Contact him at aclark1021 (at) gmail (dot) com

Clara: Lady Clara d'Este

Dulcia: Lady Dulcia Wylde

Etan: Lady Etan ni Donncha

Julie: Julie Nordmeyer

Llew: Lord Llywelyn Glyndwr - or someone using his camera

Megan: Megan Gajewski - megan (dot) g24 (at) gmail (dot) com

MilJus: Mistress Milica of Varnia or Master Justinos Tekton

Robert: Robert atte Northclyfe

Robin: Lord Commodore Robin McCauley - or someone using his camera

Ryan: Ryan Arrington

Shava: Viscountess Shava

Tarmach: Tarmach ben Yehuda al-Khazar

Contact the webmaster for further information.

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Special Thanks To ...

The Shire of Rivenvale

THL Rickard de Als

... and as always, Cowboy

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