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Magic Carpet Kavehane / Jalabba-the Hut

Kavehane sign

photo credit: LlG

"A notorious Inne of ill
repute, frequented by
Lay-Abowts and Bardes"

"We know that you have a wide selection of Celtistani bardic coffee houses, and to show our appreciation for your custom, despite uncertain economic times we have held firm on our prices.  The cost of a delicious cup of Middle Eastern coffee, tea, jalabs, and sweets will continue to be a song, a tale, a tune, or a dance."

The Magic Carpet Kavehane is a bardic coffee house which travels to events around the northern Oaken region.

Jalabba-the Hut, the Magic Carpet's summer spin-off, specializes in cool summer drinks (jalab, sekanjabin, etc.) Amazingly, the price structure is identical to that of the kavehane!

To bring the Kavehane or the Hut to your event, contact Barista Vente Juliane "Lady J" Bechaumpe or the Kulübe Efendi , Llywelyn "Crazy Llyw" Glyndwr.

Fun Things to Know and Do

People ask us, "Lady J and Crazy Llyw, how can you do it? How can you make such consistently fine coffee at such low, low prices?!" Short answer: We can't! Boy, are you lucky you hit us on a good day! Our quality control processes are laughable! Long answer:

How to Start Your Own Celtistani Bardic Coffee House

Then they say, "No, we just meant 'How do you make the coffee?'" Answer:

Our Coffee and Jalab recipes

To date, the Kavehane/Jalabba has landed at over two dozen events, large and small, across northern Oaken (and beyond).

Kavehane at Saxon Summer 2009

photo credit: LlG

The Kavehane at Saxon Summer, 2009


Harpers at the Kavehane - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers 2009

photo credit: LlG

Harpers at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, 2009


Robin and Dave Kavehane jam - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers 2009

photo credit: LlG

Robin and Dave jam, Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, 2009


Kavehane gathering - Brendokenfest 2009

photo credit: LlG

Gathering at Brendokenfest, 2009


Middle Eastern Dancers Have Coffee

photo credit: Clara

Middle Eastern Dance Troupe members enjoy a cup at Brawl, 2008

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