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We're looking for a location for the next CZ. Contact Llywelyn if you want to volunteer your place.


The Seventh Bardic Roundhouse will take place June 13-15, 2014, in Alderford, Barony of Brendoken.



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Gorsedd sponsors a number of ongoing activities in addition to event-specific ones. These include:

The Magic Carpet Kavehane and Jalabba-the Hut: a Celtistani bardic coffee house/jalab joint which lands at events all over the region. The price of a beverage or sweet is a song, a tale, a tune, or a dance.

Bardic Roundhouse: a casual three-day gathering of bards from around the region and around the Known World. Roundhouse also includes a feast of activities for non-bards (such as classes in what to expect at a bardic circle or competition).

Midrealm Singalong: Ursula Mortimer leads the assembled in the Middle Kingdom favorites.

Comfort Zone: An occasional bardic revel, held at various locations throughout the region. A potluck supper, a fire, and thou ...

... and Classes, such as:

Contact one of us if you'd like any of these to show up at your doorstep.

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If you'd like an event to appear here (or spot an error) contact a webmaster. Note that not all events are Events. If you're planning a small revel or a class at a business meeting, please let us know and we'll add it to the calendar.

Check the event details for the specific activities planned. If there is a "(see notes)" in the event name, this indicates important addtional information in the event details (e.g., listed date is tentative, event is out of northern Oaken region.)

To see a list of events rather than a monthly or weekly calendar, switch to Agenda mode.


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