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The Northern Oaken Bardic Vox Project

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The Bardic Vox Project is a collection of works performed by the bards of northern Oaken.  This project is designed to enhance the bardic community by giving access to pieces performed at SCA events and allowing performers to both hear and read the pieces, that they may be learned and performed by others. 

Contributions come from planned recordings at events or through studio or private recordings of pieces that are or have been performed at events.  Please note that while the SCA in general strives to remain within its historical parameters, the atmosphere and bardic activities also tend to be anachronistic.  As such, not all of the pieces done at events are historical, but rather contribute to the society in other ways.  For this reason, we will be including any pieces that are done at events, regardless of historical content.  We encourage all who use this resource to understand any pieces they plan to perform and to verify the historical nature themselves, as it applies.

A note on Submissions:
  To have a piece posted please contact Robin McCauley.  Should you have questions of any type regarding a piece you would like to submit, please feel free to ask.

Use the following guidelines for your submissions to be considered:

With your submission, please provide the following information:

A note on Copyrights:  Be advised that we do our best to ensure that known copyright materials are not posted without proper permissions.  Should you object to the posting of a piece for which you own the copyright please notify the webmaster at once and we will remove the piece and any links as quickly as we are able. 

We also ask that any of those making contributions to this site verify that the posting of a piece is not in violation of copyright.  Should you have questions about a particular piece, please contact the webmaster and we will do what we can to assist you.

A note on Lyrics: You will find that the lyrics, words or other aspects of the recorded performances may vary from the lyrics posted or linked to.  This is due to the fact that each performer will have their own version, or has learned a differing version from the ones posted.  While we encourage people to keep traditional pieces as traditional as possible, it is also common to have multiple versions of a piece based on the region, time frame, copy or interpretation that the performer used.  Please allow for the varied artistic renditions of any given piece.  We encourage you to do your own research on any piece you may wish to perform, and feel free to contact performers for any information they may have which will aid you in your research.

The recording sessions: Typically, the recordings below were made live at events. The video recordings linked to were done by Elshava bas Riva ("Shava") for her YouTube video channel of SCA bards; most were at Bardic Madness, November 21, 2009. The audio recordings were done by Robin McCauley at Comfort Zone, October 24, 2009. Where possible the "Recorded" date is a link to the event web site.

The Recordings

Click on the title of a piece to hear or see the performance; on the performer to see a biography, where available; on the recording date to find out more about the event it was recorded at, where available; and on the various Source items to see the words, music, etc., ("W & M" means the link has both words and music) and any applicable rights.

Click on the column title to resort the list (click again to resort in the opposite order).

Title Performer Recorded Authorship Medium Source
{Title} {Performer} {Recorded} {Authorship} {Medium} {Source}



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