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Schedule, Challenges, Activities

In 2014, we welcome a new Activities Coordinator,

Master Cerian Cantwr,

and celebrate the return of our first class coordinator,

Lady Ursula Mortimer

Bardic Circle and Ceilidh


Challenges and Activities


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Bardic Circle and Ceilidh

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2014 Schedule

The site opens at 5pm on Friday, June 13, and closes at 3pm Sunday, June 15.

We'll have a challenge during the ceilidh Friday night and one Sunday morning too, along with the usual classes, games, and challenges on Saturday. And of course, plenty of food throughout! We'll fill in the specific challenges (which will include some you'll want to prepare for in advance) shortly.

Friday, June 13

No food is provided Friday night. Oh, okay, we'll have a snack ready for you.


Troll opens; you may arrive as early as noon, but you might be put to work!


Challenge: Aphorism Is Better Than None

Saturday, June 14

Breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner provided.

Drive-by bardic activities throughout the day.


Troll reopens, Breakfast




Challenges / Activities: Pass The Tale, Art for Arts' Sake


Lunch Bar Opens




Challenges / Activities: Juliane's Fishpond




Afternoon Tea served


Challenges / Activities: Paume and Poetry, Mr Know It All


Challenges / Activities: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, Puppet Show


Bardic Circle
Musicians' Jam Session
(yep, there will be two separate fires!)

Sunday, June 15

Breakfast and lunch provided


Breakfast, post mortem, and a surprise challenge or two


Site closes

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Challenges and Activities

Our guest Activities Coordinator, Master Cerian Cantwr, has provided a delightful set of games and challenges to provoke you.

Aphorism Is Better than None

Skewed sayings and off kilter quotations.  During breaks in the Friday night ceilidh, participants will pull one of these mixed maxims out of a hat, then tell us what it means.

Art for Arts' Sake

In song, story, or poem describe and/or demonstrate another art. (Yes, that apostrophe is in the right place.)

Juliane's Fishpond

You will pull a fish from the "fishpond" and on it you will find a sentence or phrase. Your job is to devise two verses and chorus which END with this line. For this challenge, only a song or poem will do.

Mr Know It All

Three to five people are, collectively, Mr Know It All.  The audience will come up with questions for Mr K.  Each individual member will, in order, give one word of the answer.  This rotation will continue until the query has been resolved.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Members of the populace will draw pictures for this challenge during the day. Participants will pull a drawing at random shortly before the challenge starts. Write two verses and a chorus about the picture.

Pass the Tale

All those who wish to participate get up together, and tell a tale from beginning to end. We will 'conduct' by pointing to the person whose turn it is to continue the tale, and deciding when it is time to end.

Paume & Poesy

Two opponents enter into the list to do mortal combat upon each other in a duel of tennis and poetry.  A topic will be selected at random and the ball will be served.  Before you can score a point, you must successfully come up with a rhyme based on it.  If neither opponent has rhymed before the ball goes out of play, no points are scored.  The first person to five (or thereabouts) wins the match.  Extra points may be awarded for more complex verse or clever punning.

Puppet Show

The Roundhouse Puppet Theater will present a performance during the dinner hour. If you'd like to participate, join in the two class sessions devoted to preparing this production.

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