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Lunch table at the Third Bardic Roundhouse

photo credit: Llew


Food is included with the site fee. We don't do medieval at Roundhouse. Food is plentiful, frequent, high quality and carefully prepared, but definitely no frills, no fuss. "Enough eating, already. Anybody got a bodhran?"

Bring beverages for yourself and desserts to share.

The site is wet. Please be responsible.

The site is rural, and there are many frisky critters in the woods - be sure that any food you bring can be secured overnight!

Here's the menu from the 2013 edition*:

Friday dinner: YOYO (You're On Your Own)

Saturday breakfast: Pastries, fruit, coffee, etc. Mmmmm ... Amish donuts ...

Saturday lunch: The Traditional Bardic Roundhouse Potato Bar™

Saturday afternoon: High tea - something to address "that sinking feeling"

Saturday dinner: Cookout! Hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie-burgers*, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, etc.

Sunday breakfast: Pastries, fruit, coffee, etc.

Sunday lunch: Leftovers! Prepared especially for you by our master chef!

* Please contact the autocrats if you have dietary issues, so that we can have enough alternative foods on hand.

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