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Class Coordinator: Ursula Mortimer
ursula (at) 4th (dot) com

Roundhouse U. once again offers an array of classes of interest to the non-bard, the beginner bard, or the ancient veteran, in a wide variety of topic areas.

  Process and Progress Performance in SCA Contexts Awesomely Fun Period Content Puppetry
9:30am Using Phonetics ...   Heraldry of the Damned Puppetry: Introduction
12:30pm Judging A&S Working a Crowd Selling Sensation ... Puppetry: Rehearsal
3:30pm Zookeeper's Diary Tale of Two Tellings Intro to Arthurian Legend  


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Class Descriptions

Judging Performance in A&S
Instructor: Halla of Mugmort

Judging performers in Arts and Sciences competitions.

Heraldry of the Damned
Instructor: Johannes von Narrenstein

Dante’s Inferno and the armory thereof.

Introduction to Arthurian Legend
Instructor: Kateryn Draper

Come learn about the stories that  inspired the stories that inspired the SCA.  This class will cover period sources and approaches to adapting them for an SCA audience.

Puppets: A Brief History
Instructor: Dagonell

A brief history of puppets. Descriptions of various styles of puppets. One SCAdian's attempt at creating a period-style puppet stage.  Students will try their hand at making a simple rod puppet and receive patterns for making simple glove puppets.  Students should try to bring one 1/4" dowel, two 1/8" dowels, and  a 3" styrofoam egg or ball.  Things like glue, scissors, construction paper, straight pins, rulers, markers, etc. will be useful.

Puppets: Rehearsal
Instructor: Dagonell

Preparation for the dinner-hour puppet performance

Selling Sensation and Inflammation: Ballads and Ballad-mongers in Elizabethan England
Instructor: Juliane Bechaumpe

When storytelling-by-song married the printing press, human rights, politics, gossip and yes, sex, got a whole new platform. This class is an overview of who wrote the ballads, sold the songs and provided the fodder for a tradition that survives to this day. *MATURE CONTENT; ADULTS ONLY*

A Tale of Two Tellings
Instructor: Brendan O Corraighe

Walk through the process of preparing a story for telling, using two case studies - a long piece that took over six months to work up, and a short piece that was done in three days.

Using Phonetics to Improve Your Performance
Instructor: Nest Bengrek

Have you ever wanted to perform a piece in another language, but had no idea how to pronounce the words? Learning the International Phonetic Alphabet can help immensely! This introductory class will focus on the phonetic symbols used in English, and teach you how to find pronunciations of any other sounds in the language of your choice. $1 for the handout and worksheets would be appreciated!

Working an SCA Crowd
Instructor: Kari Garandhirson

We all know that a pre-Feast, pre-Court crowd can be a hard one to "work." This class will provide techniques for getting everyone on one page--yours, in a noisy and rambunctious setting.

The Zookeeper's Diary
Instructor: Halla of Mugmort

What I learned as curator of the stringed instruments petting zoo. Lots of period and peri-oid instruments will be present to enjoy along with Halla's wisdom.

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