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Schedule, Challenges, Activities

The detailed schedule and activities list below, from 2011, are provided to give you an idea of the sorts of activities that will occur in the 2012 edition.


Challenges and Activities

Bardic Circles

2012 Schedule

The site opens at 5pm on Friday, June 15, and closes at 3pm Sunday, June 17.

We'll have a challenge Friday night and Sunday morning, along with the usual classes, games, and challenges on Saturday. And of course, plenty of food throughout! Details to follow.

Friday, June 15

No food is provided Friday night

5:00pm Troll opens; you may arrive as early as noon, but you might be put to work!
8-ish "Come All Ye"
Dark-thirty Bardic Circle

Saturday, June 16

Breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner provided.

8:00 Troll reopens, Breakfast
9:30-10:30 Classes

Challenge: "Once in the Dear Dead Days ..."

12:00 Lunch Bar Opens
12:30-2:00 Classes

Challenges: "Drummer Beat and Piper Blow"; "Prithee Minstrel ...":

3:30-4:30 Classes
3:30 Afternoon Tea served
5:00-6:30 Challenge: The Fool on the Hill; plus Scavenger Hunts, Duck Pond, etc.
6:30 Dinner: A Surprise Challenge
Dark-thirty Bardic Circle

Sunday, June 17

Breakfast and lunch provided

8:00 Breakfast, post mortem
10:00 The Parting Glass
3:00 Site closes


Challenges and Activities

... and many more!

Friday Night

"Come All Ye"

As we gather together, offer a piece that celebrates arrival, meeting, greeting, beginning of an endeavor, etc.


"Drummer beat and piper blow"

(Jolicia atte Northclyfe, leader) Instrumental-only challenge welcoming novices, masters, and everyone in between.

"The fool on the hill"

(Kateryn Draper, leader) The fool played an important role in both story and medieval society. Do you practice the jester's arts?  Do you know tales of foolish people? Or perhaps you can demonstrate the wisdom behind foolishness.  All performances - juggling,  storytelling, singing, etc. - that pertain to the theme of fools are welcome.

"Now prithee, Minstrel, tell to me" - Homer to Blondel to Shakespeare

Usually the bard is the teller of someone else's heroic deeds. But sometimes the performer becomes part of the tale. Tell us of the deed of some bard, singer, or taleteller who acted memorably.

"Once in the dear dead days beyond recall"

Perform a piece of period origin, presented as you choose.

Sunday Morning

The Parting Glass

Bid us farewell.

Bardic Circles

There will once again be bardic circles, Friday and Saturday.