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Class coordinator: Brendan O Corraidhe

Roundhouse U. will once again offer an array of classes of interest to the non-bard, the beginner bard, or the ancient veteran, in a wide variety of topic areas.

Class Schedule

  Classroom 1
Classroom 2
Classroom 3

Fooling Around

Vocal Projection Sing to the Hand - Period Theory

When Fairies Were Scary

Fretted Instrument Workshop Murder Ballad Workshop
3:30-4:30pm Bards vs Troubadors Preparing for Performance Promoting the Bardic Arts
Mathilda's Period Music Theory class at the Third Bardic Roundhouse

photo credit: Llew

Mathilda's Period Music Theory class at the Third Bardic Roundhouse

Class Descriptions

Bards vs Troubadors

Instructor: Catriona nicHugh McLae

Most medieval cultures had long-standing traditions of performing poets. However, they were not all bards. The class will look at the subtle differences between the various bardic traditions and how the function and status of the poet changed from culture to culture as well as through time.

Fooling Around - a panel discussion

Discussion Leaders: Tyzes "Zsof" Sofia, Kateryn Draper, and Catriona nicHugh McLae

To think of the Medieval fool only as a character in popular entertainments is to misunderstand the influence the fool had in history, folklore, and legend. The class will look at the fool's place in Medieval European culture and how The Feast of Fools became the fool's playground.

Fretted Instrument Workshop

Instructor: Brendan O Corraidhe

An introduction to the natural philosophy of instruments with strings and frets, together with a practical explanation of foundation techniques for playing and practice.

Murder Ballad Workshop and Sing-along

Instructor: Kateryn Draper

For those with a morbid sense of curiosity. Ballads were the tabloid press of their day, and none were so dramatic as the murder ballad sub-genre. There will be a brief discussion of the history of ballads and tips on performing them, after which we will have a bardic circle style sing-along, so bring your favorite ballad to share (audience is welcome as well.) Note: While all are welcome, children under the age of twelve should speak to their parents before attending due to the subject matter of the ballads.

Preparing for Performance - a Pas de Deux

Instructors: Ursula Mortimer and Brendan O Corraidhe

Brendan and Ursula once again reprise their point-counterpoint approach to preparation for performance.

Promoting the Bardic Arts - a roundtable

Discussion Leaders: Juliane Bechaumpe and Llywelyn Glyndwr

The former Kingdom Bardic Champions will lead a discussion on developing a bardic community and promoting awareness of the contributions the bardic (and other performing) arts make to SCA culture.

Sing to the Hand - Period Musical Theory

Instructor: Mathilda Harper and Thomas Haworth

Learn to sing from written music 11th century style. Ability to read music unnecessary (after all, they didn't know how!). Mostly hands-on (well, voices-on). Period tunes. $1 for handouts welcome.

Vocal Projection

Instructor: Ursula Mortimer

An introduction to singing and speaking. If you've never had a voice class, or your last voice class was thirty years ago, this class is for you! Active practice--be prepared to stand and work. (Those who cannot comfortably stand can do the class acitivites while seated.)

When Fairies Were Scary

Instructor: Catriona nicHugh McLae

Learn the history of the fairy tale and how fairies started as “surviving echoes of the gods” and devolved into Disney’s Tinkerbelle.