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Bardic Roundhouse

A gathering of the bardic community

This is the generic Roundhouse page ... if you got here but you were really looking for the current page, go to

2011 Roundhouse

Bardic Roundhouse is a gathering of the bardic community in northern Oaken and of our neighbors and friends: bards, aspiring bards, and those who just enjoy listening.

We sing and play and tell tales together, camp and eat together, and exchange a little knowledge.

The site fee includes meals - it's a very low maintenance event.

Activities include challenges, games, bardic circles, classes, roundtable discussions, and more.

In 2011, Roundhouse will take place on June 24-26. The website hasn't been set up yet, but much of the base information will remain the same as in previous years. Here is the link to last year's website.

2010 Roundhouse

The formal sponsors of Roundhouse are The Barony of the Cleftlands and the Shire of Eastwatch, but the event is actually run by Gorsedd, the community of bards in northern Oaken, Middle Kingdom of the SCA.

For more information, contact the autocrats, Juliane Bechaumpe and Llywelyn Glyndwr.